Some things to consider before the birth of your baby: 

  • Keep in mind the benefits you have on your medical aid and your Sirago Gap cover option. (Remember that each Sirago option has their own set of unique benefits). Click here to read more about our benefits.
  • Remember to register on the pregnancy program of your Medical Aid. Sirago does not have a pregnancy program you need to register for. Claims are only submitted to Sirago once your Scheme has processed their portion. 
  • Co-payments imposed by the doctor / gynecologist can not be claimed back from Sirago. Kindly note that when a provider requests a co-payment to be paid upfront before a procedure, this is referred to as split billing. 

Prior to delivery you will see your gynecologist for consultations. Some of our options provide benefits for the shortfalls on these consultations, click here to read more about our specialist consultation benefit.

During delivery and your stay in the hospital you will be treated by a range of providers such as your gynecologist, anesthetist and pediatrician. Shortfalls on the accounts of these providers will form part of a consolidated In-Hospital claim and will be assessed against the gap cover benefit. To read more about this benefit click here.

Our Sirago Baby benefit also provides benefits for a range of pre-and-post birth costs, to read more about this benefit please click here.

All claim requirements need to be submitted to review the claims in line with policy terms and benefits. Kindly refer to your schedule of insurance and policy wording.