Mediscor Bulk File Preparation

Modified on Tue, 14 Dec 2021 at 10:09 AM

1. Remove trailing spaces from policy number on the source file using the function =TRIM(A2)

2. Copy the trimmed values over the original policy numbers.

3. Open the MEDISCOR_CLAIMS_TEMPLATE.xlsx. This can be found on Sharepoint or  see copy attached to this article.

   3.1 Immediately save a copy with the Mediscor reference in the title eg. "MEDISCOR_123456" 

4. Copy and paste the Mediscor claim data from the source document to the template>MediscorFile tab. Please copy to

 column B as column A is used to generate a hash identifier.

5.  Confirm the number of rows and the file total from the source document matched the data pasted to the template.

6. Copy the Hash values (Column A) from the tab MediscorFile to the ProcessUnique tab column A.

7. Remove duplicates from the pasted values in column A on the ProcessUnique tab. (the values pasted in step 6).

   NB:If prompted to look for duplicates in the Current selection or to expand, use the curret selection. (Column A)

8. Copy the values from ProcessUnique B2:G99999 to Unique Lines A2:F99999

9. Update the RisksReport tab with the newest data from the Wesmart Provider Claims Risks Report sent to claims management daily.

10. On the Unique Lines tab the data will pull through. Look for any red cells in Column J indicating a risk could not be allocated to the specific claim line.

   10.1 If any errors picked up, manually look for the applicable risk in the data and ensure value on the Unique Lines tab             match the values in the RisksReport tab.

11. Open the Upload File tab and complete the Mediscor file reference in column C.

12. Compare the total on the upload tab to the totals in the source file.

13. If matching, save the file and send to to bulk process.

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