As Sirago is constantly seeking to improve our level of service to our policy holders, we have introduced a new mechanism in which payment can be made.  Pay@ makes paying your Sirago premium effortless and rewarding for our customers by using the same Pay@ number when paying their account in a safe and familiar environment.


  • Step 1: Enter URL in Web Browser
  • Step 2: Choose Preferred method of payment
  • Step 3: Payment Confirmation

Step 1: Enter URL in Web Browser

Step 2: Choose Preferred method of payment

  • The below screen should populate once your have entered the above link in your web browser.
  • Please choose your preferred method of payment and proceed with entering the relevant required details.

Step 3: Payment Confirmation

  • Once Payment has been processed and successfully completed, Sirago will receive notification of payment within 24hours.
  • Premium will be allocated once payment notification has been received.