Registering Claims From Freshdesk

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This article will explain the process to register claims on SKi directly from Freshdesk using API integration.

Updating Ticket:

To initiate the process the following Ticket fields must be completed:

  1. RiskId - The ID of the Dependant the claim relates to. Next section will explain process to get the RiskId. 
  2. Date Of Loss - The date of the event as would normally be used on SKi.
  3. Cause Code - The cause code to load the claim against, same as would normally be used in SKi.
  4. FNOL Processed - Set to "YES" to process. If not set to "YES", process will not trigger.

Getting Risk ID on Freshdesk:

To get the Risk ID from SKi complete the "SIR" policy number in the policy number ticket field (5) and update the ticket. Open the Policy & Claim Info widget (6) on the right of the ticket and allow a couple seconds or the information to update.

Scroll down to find the applicable Risk and note the number before the Risk Description and complete this in the RiskID field as explained above.

Once all fields have been updated as explained above, select UPDATE (7)

API Call, Processing and Response:

Once You have selected UPDATE the process is triggered, please allow a couple seconds for the process the finalise.

This registers the claim on SKi with the provided Cause Code and DOL against the provided risk. It also updates the ticket and forwards the original documents to SKi Docmail.

Once the processed the following fields will update on the ticket:

  1. Subject - Ticket subject will be updated with the claim number in front eg. "New Claim SIR123456" will update to "[CL12345] New Claim SIR123456".
  2. Tags - "RTP" will be added as a Tag.
  3. Group - Group is changed to Sirago Claims: Assessing
  4. Claim Number - Claim number will be completed on the ticket.
  5. FNOL Processed - Will change to "SUCCESSFUL" or "ERROR".
    1. Errors will provide a reason for the error as a note on the ticket together with instructions to manually process the claim.

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