Broker Portal Manual

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Accessing the Broker Portal 

To access our broker portal please click here and complete your username and password to access your policies online. If you do not have access you can request access from your Broker Consultant or simply contact Sirago via email, WhatsApp or call us on 010 599 1163.

Broker Portal Dashboard

The dashboard provides and overview of:

  1. Open Diaries
  2. Birthdays
  3. New vs Cancelled Business
  4. Search bar to search for Customers, Policies and Claims

Searching and accessing Customers, Policies or Claims

To search for a Customer, complete the name or company name in the search bar at the top of the screen. To search for Policies or Claims, complete the applicable policy or Claim number. Results matching the search term will appear in the relevant tabs at the top of the search results window. Click the actions button next to the result to view applicable actions.

Viewing Customers

Customer records can be accessed by searching and viewing a Customer using the steps explained in previous section. 

The Customer record reflects the  basic information of the customer and their policies. Policies can be accessed by clicking on the actions>view Policy button.


Viewing Policies and Insured Items (Risks)

Policies can be accessed by searching and viewing a Policy using the steps explained in previous section or through the Customer by clicking on the actions>view Policy button under the Policies tab of a Customer.

The policy record has multiple tabs to allow for easy browsing:

  1. Summary
  2. Financial
  3. Risks
  4. Claims
  5. Documents

1. Summary:

Provides an overview of the policy and basic policy details such as policy status, payment term, payment method and basic policyholder details. 

2. Financial

Provides the financial information on a policy including annual premium, term premium and outstanding balances. 

Next collection date indicates the period the balance applies to. If next debit date is indicated as 01/12/2021 this is an indication that Nov'21 has been raised and is included in the balance.

Premiums are raised on the 22nd of each month and will reflect as outstanding until debit order is prepared or a receipt is allocated.

3. Risks

The risks tab shows all insured persons covered on the policy. Risk details can be viewed either by clicking on Actions>View Risks button or by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the left of the risk.  To view claims applicable to the specific risk, view the risk and navigate to the Claims tab.

To register a claim for the specific risk, click on the Actions>Register Claim button. For more information on how to register a claim on our broker portal, click here.

4. Claims

The claims tab shows open claims on the policy registered in the last 90 days. To access a claim, click on the Actions>View Claim button.

To access claims not listed here please search the claim number and access the claim through the results screen by clicking on Actions>View Claim.

5. Documents

Policy documents can be downloaded, generated or uploaded through this tab. 

Download Policy Documents

Documents are filed by Endorsement with subfolders for schedules and communications sub-folders in each endorsement folder.

Generate Policy Documents

To generate a document select the documents tab and select the Generate Document Icon.

Select the document type and document to generate, select language as English, sensitivity as None and Output Format as pdf and select generate. Once generated the document will be filed in the last Endorement folder to be accessed.

Uploading Policy Documents:

To upload documents navigate to the documents tab on the policy and select the upload document icon.

Select the relevant document(s) and select Type as External and Sensitivity as None. Provide a Description and Comment and select Upload.

Viewing Claims

Claims can be accessed by searching the claim number and accessing through the results, or by viewing the claims on the Policy or Risks views explained previously. 

Once a claim has been accessed the claim information is divided into different sections.

  1. Claim details tabs. (discussed in detail later)
  2. Claim timeline.

Claims timeline:

The claims timeline shows a timeline of the claim as it moves through various claims statuses and sub-statuses. This provides a quick overview of how the claim is progressing and where it is in the process.

Detail Tabs:

  1. Incident
  2. Details
  3. Risk at DOL
  4. Memos
  5. Diary Items (not in use)
  6. Claimants
  7. Financial
  8. Documents

1. Incident:

Summary of the claim with the policy details, description, status registration and incident date.

2. Details:

Reflects all the details of the claim such as the different benefits and providers assessed as well as assessed amounts.

3. Risk at DOL:

Shows the risk item (dependant) as at the date of loss. This is particularly valuable where there has been an option change processed recently.


Reflects all memos and notes while processing the claim. This section will reflect valuable information such as outstanding documents requested and will provide context to the claims timeline.


This tab shows the various providers (claimants) that have been loaded. Once payment has been requested on a Claimant each claimant payment will reflect under the financial tab detailed in the next section.

All claims are initially estimated at an average value for reserving purposes. Unallocated reserve reflects the difference between this reserving and the amounts loaded for payment and is not an indication of balance due.


This tab shows the payments requested on the claim, the status of the claim as well as the reference used. Once approved, authorised and paid, the proof of payment (POP) will be available within 24 hours under the documents tab.

Each provider or benefit is paid separately and can be tracked on this tab.

6. Documents:

On this tab you can find all documents and emails related to the applicable claim as well as upload documents to a claim. 

To download a document navigate to the folder with the claim number and click on the download icon next to the relevant document and the download will start.

Emails sent relating to the claim will be filed under emails received.

Proof of payments will be filed under emails received.

To upload documents to the claim navigate to the documents tab and select the upload document icon.

Select the relevant document(s) and select Type as External and Sensitivity as None. Provide a Description and Comment and select Upload.

For password protected documents, please complete the Password in the comments field.

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