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This article explains the complete application process including application signature and supporting documents upload. For the application process to capture a paper application that has already been signed by applicant, please click here.


Capturing and Quoting Application

Log in to the Broker Portal and select Comparative Quote>Sirago.

Select either ID Number or Passport number as search field and complete the ID or Passport number.

Loading of group policies not supported at this time.

If a customer record is found with the provided ID or Passport number, the customer details will populate from the existing record.

If no customer exists with the provided ID or Passport, you will need to capture all the details relating to the applicant and click next.

Broker ID: To quote with the relevant Broker discount this field must be completed. If you are unsure about this ID you will be able to find it in the quote response.

External Reference: This field must be left blank if you do not have a signed application or voice recording to support the application.

Broker Fees: To add a broker fee simply tick the Override Broker Fee box and complete the broker fee (Broker Flat Fee) and services rendered (Policy Memoranda 3). Please note broker fees will not reflect on the Quote Summary but will reflect on the quote document.

To add dependants to the policy open one of the risk addresses and click add risk to add the applicable risk.

Capture all the details of the dependant and select add. To add additional dependants click add risk and complete details for each dependant.

Once all dependants have been loaded you can select quote.

When the quote returns you will have the option to download a copy of the quote or to accept the quote. Any errors or information related to the quote will be returned in the information window including your broker ID.

The quote summary will not show broker fees, to confirm broker fee download the quote document.
The downloaded quote document will contain standard underwriting, only when the completed application and supporting documentation has been received will the application be underwritten.  

To requote simply close the Quote results, make the applicable changes and press quote.

When you are ready to accept the quote, select accept. This submits the Quote through to Sirago to be underwritten and activated.

Viewing Quote History

Previous quotes can be viewed on the Quote History tab.

  • Valid: Complete quotes ready to be accepted.
  • Accepted: Policies accepted and sent to Sirago for processing.
  • Incomplete: Incomplete quotes that require information.
  • Expired: Valid or Incomplete apps that have expired (30 days)


Upon submission of the quote a mail will be sent to the applicant with a link to sign a digital application pre-populated with the information submitted. Once completed you will receive a confirmation and email and a copy of the application will be available under the Documents tab on the policy.

Once the Underwriting team has processed the application the status will change from External Quote to Pending and a Policy Schedule will be generated and saved under the Documents tab on the Policy.

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